Why we moved to Neto E-Commerce and absolutely love it.

Moving Ecomm platforms is stressful at best, but we were pushed..... read on

When your Ecomm supplier dies - so does your income!

Back in 2013, we were using a small platform called Ashop Commerce. It was not integrated with Ebay, our biggest selling channel at the time, and to be honest, it was clunky. We were constantly updating stock between Ebay and the website, and had to list everything twice.

One day, the orders stopped on the website. We were down !

We were down for a total of 10 days - not a single website order.

What do we do next ?

At this point, Wayne had been involved in trying to establish a Magento system for a costumes website. Over $50,000 had been spent, and nothing had actually ever been finalised. Unless you have a full time developer in the business, Magento simply in our mind, is not an option.

A lucky introduction to Neto E-Commerce had us thinking that perhaps this was the way to go?

A meeting was arranged, a test site launched, and with their incredible support team, we were live 10 days later and trading.

What happened next ?

The day we flicked the switch was like magic. We had automatic synching to Ebay of all stock levels, orders, pricing and even shipping. We could press a button in the morning and all of our shipping labels magically printed for us, and we didnt have to list everything twice.

What did this do ?


Time we then used to source and find new products, time to negotiate better deals, and time with the family.

We grew from 600 SKU's to 1000 SKU's in around 3 months, and then to 1600 SKU's and then to almost 2000 SKU's.

It also allowed us to easily sell on TradeMe in New Zealand, and then later on Amazon.com

Sales exploded. We achieved 42% growth in the first year alone.

From there, the story gets better and better. We grew the business using NETO's in built SEO so that over 70% of sales were website based. We were not reliant on Ebay or Amazon or Trademe for our income (they change the goal posts more frequently than most people change underwear). We managed to become the 3rd largest seller of plush toys in the world on a website, and we ranked number 1 world wide for over 400 key targetted phrases that generated us sales not only in Australia but world wide. In fact, when we sold the business (in 3 days no less) in 2018, over 35% of sales went offshore.

Neto Ecommerce ? What's not to love.

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