Get a Trademark or get screwed over

Waking up any morning to find that a Google alert you have set up currently shows an extra 2600 mentions of your brand or trademark is pretty frightening. You can bet that someone has set up improper links to your site for no good reasons or something else nefarious has happened.

One morning this happened to us. When I checked the links someone had cloned our website, changed our logo slightly, changed business details slightly and the website address very slightly, but every single product every single information page was on a new website.

The prices with slightly higher so I can only assume the wanted to try and trade on or good name and then dropship our products to their customers.

I freaked out as anyone would in an online business.

Not only had they used all our product images and descriptions which is against copyright, our trademark was mentioned over 2600 times.

Reporting someone on copyright is a very drawn out affair and I’m sure if I had gone down that route , it would have taken a long time to get the site deleted, Their big mistake was leaving our trademarks on the new site.

I made contact through the contact page mentioning the trademark issue and within 30 minutes the website been taken down.

That is the power of the trademark in Australia.

There are numerous other ways people can infringe your trademark, in google ads for examples, or when trying to “game” Google in SEO. Once you have a trademark in place it’s a very simple procedure to get these people closed down.

If you don’t have your business trademarked you risk getting screwed every single day of the week.

Your trademark is an asset when you sell your business. It is the single strongest thing you have in your arsenal to save your intellectual property.

Why don’t you have one ?

We have started working with a great IP law firm, who speak plain English, don’t cost the earth, and will work with you in the simplest way to protect your business.

Reach out to for an introduction.

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