What Else Can We Help With ?

Before you make the call, here are a few other things you may want to ask us about.


  • One on one mentoring of your Neto based business to take you to the "next level" with a focus on sales and profitability.

  • How to take and process great images that are compliant across all marketplaces and Google Shopping. It's as simple as using your phone believe it or not. Your own images set you apart from your competition.

  • How we managed to convert over 35% of our sales to international. International buyers will pay more, and don't budge at shipping costs.

  • How to set your data up for all marketplace channels. We can even arrange for your data to be cleaned so you can list on any marketplace. They all have their own peculiarities, but NETO helps a lot to do this with it's customisation tools.

  • How to have the same product twice on eBay, in 2 eBay stores - and still be within Ebays selling rules.

  • How adding a simple page to your website, can add thousands of dollars in sales for you in the right situation.

  • How to become a power user of NETO's import and export feature, and how it will save you days of work when you need to bulk update products, prices or even add new products to your business.

  • How to grow your social networks organically, quickly, and remarket to your audiences and tag actual products in your posts. This can guarantee extra sales from places like Facebook and Instagram.

  • How to set up a fulfilled by merchant account on AMAZON US, and using 3rd party tools (monthly fee applies) you can actually list NEW products straight from Neto. List on Neto and 30 minutes later people on Amazon.com can be buying it. No clumsy templates and uploads.

  • How to set up effective email campaigns and garner more contacts. See why we believe in "the more you send, the more they spend".

  • What you need to do to set your online business up for a quick sale at a great price.


There is so much more we can help you with. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


And Now A Word From Our Friends

It was great to have Wayne come to our office and guide us through some of the difficult aspects of our Neto store and how we are marketing across the many different platforms we work on, such as eBay. His experience shone through as he helped us find solutions to our problems and gave us fresh ideas on how to better streamline what we are doing to reach more people. Thank you Wayne!

Kristina Nailon 

Wayne has been monumental in shaping my e-commerce business. His knowledge of the platform, (Shopify) and google metrics to help with the back end, is outstanding! 10/10

Melissa Whitehouse

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